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​​  注意事項​

  • 作品需要等待1個月時間製作。(少數作品需要等待2個月)

  • 收到貨品的時間=製作時間+貨運時間,請耐心等待!!

  • 有些國家不在我們運送範圍內,歡迎寫信來洽詢運送可能性。

  • 每個國家的運費都略有不同,請參考結帳系統。

  • 稅已經包含在作品內了,無須另外支付

  • 作品下單後才製作,因此售出後無法換貨,請考慮清楚再下單!!

  • 想了解更多作品細節,歡迎來信詢問。

​​ Matters needing attention:

  • Works need to wait 1 month to produce. (Some works need to wait 2 months)

  • Production time + Shipping time =You need to wait time. (Please be patient!!)

  • Some countries are not within our shipping range, please writes to inquire about shipping possibilities.

  • Each country’s shipping costs are slightly different, please reference the checkout system.

  • The tax is already included in the work, no need to pay again.

  • Works are only produced after placing the order. Therefore, it cannot be exchanged after the sale, please consider carefully before placing an order.

  • If you want to know more details, please write the E-MAIL to us.

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